Supplying Spare parts for Mining, Oil and Gas, Industries,Construction Equipment!!!
Kozhamkulov str., 225, Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan
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Metalworking, manufacturing parts according to drawings

Metalworking - the process of working with metals to create individual parts, subassemblies or large structures (metal structures). This term covers a wide range of different activities from building ships to bridges. Therefore, it includes a wide range of skills, processes and tools.

Metalworking changes the shape and size of the metal, the details are given the desired shape using one or more methods of metal processing. The reliability of any production, any metal construction depends on the quality of the metalworking.

Our advantages:
- Production of parts according to customer drawings;
- Quick calculation of the cost of the order no more than 2 days;
- Short term production of parts;
- Services for the design development and design of your parts;
- Experienced staff and high level;
- Only proven suppliers of metal.



Kjzhamkulov str., 225, Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan