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Kozhamkulov str., 225, Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan
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Alto Production Corp.


Alto Products is a world-class manufacturer of wet friction material and steel reaction plates. Alto has formulated friction material solutions for over 50 years. Supplying over 3 billion clutches worldwide, Alto has friction material solutions and advanced steel reaction manufacturing capabilities tailored to meet the customer’s demands. Alto’s portfolio of friction material is engineered and designed to meet a wide range of frictional properties, torque, pressure, and thermal demands under specific operating conditions and oils.
With innovative system solutions adapted to meet specific requirements, Alto’s advanced R&D center offers advanced analysis, friction material development, detail design and testing. Alto’s rapid prototype launching techniques can accelerate a new or existing application with cost effective results.
Alto’s friction material and steel reaction plates range in diameter from 50mm to 1000mm. Alto’s cutting edge stamping, laser, and water jet capabilities manufacture steel discs up to 15mm in thickness. Robotic fed friction bonding presses are capable of +/- .03mm thickness variation and .03mm parallelism. Various finishing operations in both steel and wet friction can provide a variety of steel surfaces and grooving patterns. Alto supplies collated clutch packs and complete assemblies to increase productivity and optimize performance.
Alto has a worldwide presence in automotive, heavy duty on and off highway, performance applications, marine, and motorcycle markets. Alto success is based on constant innovation and the development of friction materials for tomorrow’s technologies. Companies engineering new platforms, developing performance enhancements, and cost reduction on existing design rely on Alto Products.s. We are driven to validate and optimize existing designs to improve quality and performance while reducing cost.






Kjzhamkulov str., 225, Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan