Supplying Spare parts for Mining, Oil and Gas, Industries,Construction Equipment!!!
Kozhamkulov str., 225, Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan
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Metal Production

CTP Equipment LLP is a dynamically developing company in the field of manufacturing and processing of metal structures and hardware. For 5 years we have been manufacturing and selling our own products in our own production facilities.

Our production site located in the Almaty region, allows the manufacture of metal products, including ferrous metals, stainless steel according to the drawings and sketches qualitatively and quickly !!! Products and structures: trusses, frames, advertising structures, embedded parts and much more. Welded structures for commercial and industrial equipment, construction of metal structures and structures for advertising purposes. If necessary, we are ready to assemble and install the ordered goods directly at the place of operation.

Our company has the ability to manufacture orders from the smallest party to mass production, from the simplest to technologically complex products. Each of our products is unique, and we do not allow repeats and plagiarism. We will listen to your wishes and develop sketches taking them into account. All our products have an ideal price-quality ratio. You can control the manufacturing process at any stage.

The company's policy in the field of quality for the near term envisages the expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with consumers of products, the organization of the work of the team for the highest possible result, the creation of organizational and technical conditions conducive to improving product quality.

Capacities of the enterprise allow to organize the production of various types of industrial products that meet modern requirements. All work is carried out on equipment that allows you to quickly and accurately carry out orders of any complexity. Terms of performance of work under the order are determined by experts after studying the technical task.

The course of the enterprise is the modernization, strengthening of the conquered positions, the release of reliable, competitive products, the development of new markets, and therefore, positioning itself as a successful, reliable partner

Kjzhamkulov str., 225, Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan